The Hand and Wrist Institute Yelp Reviews

Yelp by Hand and Wrist InstituteYelp is one of the more popular review engines online. Unfortunately, over the past 2 years, Yelp has been filtering legitimate, customer reviews. On our Yelp page, 15 legitimate reviews written by our clients have been filtered and can’t be viewed on the front page of the profile. In order to you view, you must click on a link at the bottom left of the page and enter a CAPTCHA. Additionally, the reviews aren’t considered in our overall rating. Yelp has been under fire from many disgruntled businesses who are making the same complaint that positive reviews from real customers aren’t being displayed, while suspect negative reviews rarely get filtered.

This is currently happening on our Yelp page and it’s unfair to our business and our customers who take the time to review. We built this page to show the true number of reviews on our Yelp profile and to give people who want to research our business a fair assessment. We try our best to help each person that walks through our doors. Here is our true story on Yelp.