Medical City Argyle

The Hand and Wrist Institute has chosen Medical City Argyle as its preferred surgery facility as there are very few hospitals within the US that have such cutting edge advanced technology. This 4K video imaging will allow Dr. Knight to perform his signature Stitchless Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release and Advanced Wrist Arthroscopic procedures with amazing detailed imaging that very few surgeons have access to.

People rarely consider how important their hands are until they can’t use them, and when we sustain injuries or suffer from ailments, it’s only natural to worry. That’s why the staff at the Hand and Wrist Institute takes a more considerate approach to helping patients. We understand how much it means to have full use of your hands and wrists, so we strive to help you deal with your concerns and devise a treatment solution you can live with. Medical City Argyle is the state of the art surgical center we use. Medical City Argyle offers the following specialties in addition to Hand and Wrist treatment: Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, Pain Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery and Podiatry Surgery. ICU and Medical Surgical inpatient unit and full perioperative services.

Medical City Argyle offers the latest in technology including, 4K Visualization providing more information and sharper surgical video. It’s the highest video standard on the market that provides unmatched clarity in distinguishing anatomy, delivers 4 times the visual resolution of HD, over 8 Million pixels of visual data to a surgical screen, depth perception in dissecting, more red, green and blue shades creating surgical contrast, closer operating distances and ability to operate from larger monitors at closer distances.

Medical City Argyle provides Interactive 4K Display delivering all the benefits of 4K, state-of-the-art interaction with clinical data, infinite windowing, ability to window an infinite number of video sources to “See More” of the patient’s critical data on one monitor, at the same time. The surgical center is network enabling allowing allows clinicians to share content between locations efficiently, creating a smoother operational process.

Helping Patients Find Real Solutions

We’re not big fans of empty assurances; we prefer real solutions. We maintain a complement of experienced professionals who know how to help patients properly as well as the tools they require to do so efficiently. Because we store records in secure electronic formats, any specialist visitations patients might need never get held up by records transfers. Our ultimate goal is to walk you through the surgical process without making you jump through hurdles.

Making Sense of the Surgery

Dr. Knight and his associates communicate with you before and after surgery, so that you’re never left wondering what’s happening or worrying about what might come next. As a result, you get to ask the doctor questions right away and observe as they review your diagnostic images and test results. We firmly believe that keeping our patients in the loop from beginning to end contributes to our heightened recovery rates and increased success of aftercare.

Determining Personalized Treatment Plans

Years of experience have revealed that letting patients recover gracefully is the best way we can help them regain their health.


Medical City Argyle
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