Our Mission – To provide quality efficient healthcare through cutting edge technology while bringing life back to hands.

Dr. Knight

Dr. Knight grew up in a medical family. His maternal grandfather, Dr. FA Willius founded the cardiology program at the Mayo Clinic in the early 1900’s. His father was a surgeon and all 3 brothers are surgeons. With medicine in his blood and his interest in carpentry Dr. Knight became an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Knight created The Hand and Wrist Institute which has become one of the leading hand and upper extremity practices in the country for over 25 years. His goal is to cure his patients with conservative treatment, but for those that need surgery, Dr. Knight uses cutting edge, minimally invasive techniques to minimize scarring allowing for a quicker recovery.

Quality Patient Care

Above all else, our goal is to free each and every patient from the pain and inconvenience they are experiencing and ensure that they can return to the activities of life that they enjoy as soon as possible. From the first telephone intake to the first appointment, to subsequent follow up care, patients are guided every step of the way by competent and qualified staff, who ensure a first class experience from start to finish. Dr. Knight has a high success and patient satisfaction rate. The Hand and Wrist Institute staff strive to make all patient’s feel welcome and to assist patients in a seamless efficient start to finish process.

Our Team

Shannon Coffey, the practice coordinator, is a rising star. She started as a medical assistant for the Institute and quickly moved herself up through the ranks to run the practice. She has a great rapport with patients and strives to make sure each patient receives what they need in a timely manner.

Amy High, the lead receptionist, is the first impression the practice makes when she answers the phone for the first time. Amy has many years of experience in this role. Patient’s go out of their way to speak of how sweet she is. Amy is extremely efficient and will make sure the patient gets to the right staff to take care of their needs.
Elizabeth Lindeman, the medical assistant and x-ray tech has a dual role of assisting patients in clinic and also providing quality digital x-rays. She has years of experience in this role and strives to assist all patient’s throughout their course of treatment.

Our Facilities

The clinic facilities of The Hand and Wrist Institute are state-of-the-art and designed specifically with the treatment of hand and upper extremity problems in mind. They are all equipped with the most advanced digital x-ray imaging and electronic medical records so that your medical care may move as smoothly as possible. The staff of each facility consists of the most highly-trained and qualified surgical assistants, nurses, and anesthesiologists in the area, and each is equipped with the latest in innovative medical technology, to ensure that your surgery is performed successfully and with precision, with a minimum of risk of postoperative complications.

The Latest Techniques in Hand and Wrist Surgery

The Hand and Wrist Institute is dedicated to performing the latest and most innovative techniques in hand and upper extremity surgery. By staying on the cutting edge of medical innovation, our surgeons guarantee an ever-evolving standard of care, and can return patients to their regular lives with much more precision and speed than older, more invasive procedures. Each surgeon approaches patient care in their own unique way, but all of our physicians are trained in the most minimally invasive procedures, which can save patients from excessive scarring and a lengthy and painful recovery period. It is this training and commitment that guarantee that our surgeons will provide our patients with the most efficient and effective quality care available, so that no injury or condition will stop you from the business of living life.

Texas Locations

The Hand and Wrist institute has 2 convenient locations serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Southlake and Plano. Southlake is a quick drive from the DFW airport which allows out of town patients easy access.