Virtual Consultation

If you have a hand or wrist condition requiring medical attention, or wish to get a second opinion on a prior diagnosis, it may benefit you to start by scheduling a virtual consultation with Dr. Knight. The purpose of this initial meeting is to have a basic discussion on treatment options, gather any additional patient information required, and just generally to allow our offices to become acquainted with you as a new client. This is also an opportunity for any questions you may have to be answered directly and in real-time.

Virtual hand injury consultation can take place via phone or Skype, whichever you prefer. It usually lasts between 20 and 45 minutes – and you won’t even have to leave home for it. Dr. Knight has been doing virtual consultations for clients across the globe. We have helped clients from Saudi Arabia, China and Egypt to name a few.

Questions the Hand and Wrist Institute May Ask

Background Information

During the virtual consultation, you will be asked specific questions about the nature of your injuries or other physical debilitation of your hand and/or wrists you are experiencing. These questions will vary depending on the particular client and circumstance. Dr. Knight may wish to cover such topics as how long you have had the condition and how it occurred. This gives us some insight into the history of your injury or syndrome.

The doctor may also inquire about how the condition has affected your way of life – for example, you may be asked what abilities and inabilities are associated with it. You will be asked what, if any, other medical procedures have been performed on your hand or wrist condition and what the results were. If a previous diagnosis was given, that will need to be communicated as well. In many cases, prior wrist and hand injuries diagnosis our clients received from other offices were found to have been given inadequately or incorrectly.

Treatment Options

The typical dialog will then progress into topics such as which treatment options you may be most interested in and most comfortable with. These recommendations should give you a basic idea of how the Hand and Wrist Institute can help.

If you have any questions throughout the virtual consultation, Dr. Knight will be glad to address those at this time. Finally, the results you are hoping to achieve through surgical care and what results you may realistically expect will be discussed.


As a result of your virtual consultation, it may be possible for us to give you a diagnosis and discuss in greater detail how treatment will work. At that point, you may be given instructions and made aware of the recovery period, medications, and other information pertaining to surgery.

Injuries and Syndromes the Hand and Wrist Institute Consults For

The Hand and Wrist Institute can hold virtual consultations on a wide variety of injuries and syndromes. Our clients come from all different types of situations and condition levels.

Hand injuries may be lacerations (cuts), dislocations, fractures, burns, infections, soft tissue injuries, and amputations. There are also numerous types of hand and wrist syndromes and ailments that are not necessarily injury-related.

Examples of injuries and syndromes for which patients have approached us for virtual consultations:


Animal Bites on the Hand
Ballistic Trauma
Eczema of the Hand
Hand Fractures
Hand Infections
Nail Infections
Nerve Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injury
Wrist and Hand Tumors
Writer’s Cramp (Hand Dystonia)


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cold Hands
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Dupuytren’s Disease
Ganglion Cysts
Hand Pain
Itchy Hands
Numbness in the Hand

Psoriatic Arthritis of the Hand
Tingling of the Hand
Trigger Finger


Dr. Knight in Shining Armor!!

After having the Hand and Wrist Institute and Dr. Knight’s info on my phone for a year, I decided to contact them. I had dislocated my finger in 2006 and almost 6 years later, I finally got the courage to get it fixed with surgery. I was surprised how quickly Evelyn, Dr. Knight’s nurse, responded to my questions and concerns via email. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii so my first appointment with him was through Skype. I had seen a hand specialist on another island years ago and was distraught on how little he cared. Dr. Knight was the complete opposite, he genuinely wanted to help. It turns out that I became very lucky in finding the best hand specialist there is. He made me feel at ease knowing I could trust what he was saying, he addressed all of my concerns and fears. He is honest, thorough, compassionate and funny. And most importantly, he did an AMAZING job fixing my dislocated little finger. I honestly can’t remember much pain after surgery. I hardly needed to take any pain medication. The Hand and Wrist Institute is also top notch. I felt very well taken care of…the staff and facility were remarkable. I am also extremely grateful for Evelyn’s assistance and support through the whole process. My overall experience was very positive! I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you, thank you!!

Joy Salamanca

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