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Wonderful doctor, friendly staff! Never have to wait in the lobby I'm always brought back promptly. Dr Knight listens to my concerns and is very thorough.


I had an amazing experience with Dr Knight and his staff. I had Viking finger and it was successfully operated on. Dr Knight always took the time to answer all my questions patiently. The office staff was great to work with. Highly recommend this office if you have a need for help!!


Thank you Dr. Knight!

I was told for 10 years by doctors to leave my finger alone. I couldn't stand the intermittent pain any longer so my children found what they considered to be the best hand surgeon. They were correct.

I flew from the Midwest to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a consultation with Dr. Knight. I couldn't have been more impressed with him and his staff.

As of 9/10/2018 my stitches are out and my finger is finally usable. I cannot say enough about the way I was treated by the staff and Dr. Knight from beginning to end. Shout out to Shannon who took care of every problem that popped up before I flew back for surgery.

Again, thank you Dr. Knight!


I came in to see Dr Knight because I had deep lacerations that I had suffered from a work accident. From the time I came in to the office, to actually seeing him it was a speedy process. I was not left waiting, unlike my past experiences at other doctors offices. Soon as I got to meet with him, he was down to earth. He examined my hand and was very thorough in explaining to me what he was looking for while examining my wounds. He expressed concerns about possible partly cut tendons which is something I would have never thought of, but after a complete exam he did not find any evidence of. First time I've seen someone who gave me play by play about what they are doing and who explained everything, and answered all my questions without rushing me out or making me feel hurried. Office personnel was also nice from my time of arrival to the time I left. I feel very comfortable coming back to him if I ever have another wrist hand problem.


Dr Knight and his staff were always super nice. I tore a tendon in my wrist and didn't know how or what to do. He helped me with great advice and was very realistic with my healing. After and X-ray and MRI results he assured me I'd be good after 6 weeks of a special brace. My wrist is about 99% better. He took his time and explained every step along the way. I'd definitely recommend him and I'm thankful to My friend Ira who recommended Dr Knight to me.


The doctors here are great. I've been coming here for my wrist problems for the last three months and I've been seeing improvements already. The staff is always very kind and friendly. The receptionists are great at accommodating my appointment times with my busy schedule. Parking is also easy and not stressful. I look forward to my visits here because I know that every time I go, I leave feeling much better.


I could write you a paragraph or two about my injury like most people.... but I'll keep it short since this is a review. Hurt my hand. Needed to see someone. Have insurance and was recommended to the doctor. Staff was very nice. Some place is all business (sign in, take a seat, wait, and wait like the DMV) but not this place. They make you feel welcome, and treat me like I was a patient off the bat. The environment was different. Classy. Upscale. Clean. Highly recommend. I don't wish to go there again, but if I got hurt again, this would be the place to come back to.


I did have a laceration of my finger and dr knight and his staff the best. I have never been at a place that I felt as a patient . Never had to wait and the doctor is always in time .

I will definitely recommended dr knight !


Dr. Knight is very friendly & knowledgeable when you meet with him. He is informative about the issue and resolution for your problem, but office visits with him do seem rushed. I think the average time meeting with Dr. Knight was less than 2 minutes (no exaggeration). The office staff is friendly, but also seem very rushed, and the environment is quite disorganized and downright chaotic at times from what I've witnessed.

My first visit was to the Beverly Hills office, on a Saturday morning at 8am. When I got there, it was a ghost town and the doors to the building were locked. I waited out front with a few other confused patients and finally called to find out that the building manager was "on the way" to unlock the doors. Other than that, this visit was decent.

My first visit to the West hills office was frustrating because the address listed on Google that pops up in searches first is incorrect. It would be helpful if staff told patients when making the appointment for the West Hills location that they use a shared office, and actually give them name of the other group in suite 100 that matches what is on the door. I spent a while at the wrong building (the one listed on google) and then also couldn't find the correct office once I got the right address because their very small sign had fallen off the door to the suite they were utilizing.

I have been VERY frustrated MULTIPLE times when calling the main Beverly Hills office number also, because of sometimes up to 40 minute hold times (and an average hold of easily 10-20 minutes)! This really should be addressed right away. It's great that you are that busy, but please hire additional staff to cover the phones and questions patients may have.

Overall, I would go back because I trust Dr. Knight, but the organization and office issues really need to be addressed in a proactive way.


Happy with care from Dr. Knight. Office was efficient yet he took the time to fully understand my injury (I have been trying to treat a mallet injury/deformity to varying levels of success over the last several months). Good experience.


I have been a patient of Dr. Knight since 2009. I had a ganglion cyst buried deep on my left wrist, (I am right handed) that was swelling up and causing a lot of pain. He performed the surgery (I slept like a baby after for hours) and I've been under his care ever since with tennis elbow and tendonitis on the same arm. I have continued to see Dr. Knight on occasion when I feel some pain and/or swelling due to overworking my hands. I truly feel that I have regained the strength that I lost prior to the surgery. I have a tiny scar that literally looks like a line. If I had to choose on what I love most about him is his expertise on scar tissue.

Since then I have recommended Dr. Knight to my friends and family whom have also been under his care for arm and wrist issues.

I recently saw Dr. Knight again due to a fall and he was very thorough in communicating with his staff on the x-rays that he needed and during the office visit. He never falls short and cares about his patients. His professionalism back in 2009 and now haven't changed.

Thank you Dr. Knight


I had a work related hand injury and was seeking a doctor who could get me back to work as soon as possible. I heard a lot of great things about Dr. John Knight, and after the very first visit knew that he would treat my injury. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet takes the time to explain things and listen. His office staff is pleasant, efficient, and well organized. Evelyn does an amazing job of bringing everything together to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With no exaggeration, you can expect to reach Evelyn at any time, or she will contact you even on weekends or after hours. What other office does that?

This is one doctor who will remember you and treat you as a person. When surgery was necessary he made sure to answer my myriad of questions, and explained what to expect for recovery. The surgical center and staff were beyond caring and pleasant to make certain that I was always safe and comfortable. There is no one better if you have a hand or wrist issue. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. John Knight. I just wish more doctors believed in the high standards that he does.


The best medical service I have received in a long time, Dr.Knight and his staff are absolutely a dream to work with. His coordinator, Evelyn, in a way I can put most encompassing, is the definition of both 'Wonderful' and 'Efficient'.

Dr.Knight had me in and out of surgery and into physical therapy as quickly as possible, I am about 6 weeks into physical therapy and am so glad to be told that I should be at 100% in my right arm again in just a few months.

The only reason they didn't receive 10 stars is because Yelp doesn't have an option for more stars.


The staff was friendly, efficient and professional. My surgery was successful and I am pain free and have full mobility and the doctor was great. Awesome job!!!


I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, Oct 16, 2015. Dr. Knight is an exceptional doctor! He, as well as his staff, are kind, patient, and professionals! I appreciate his time and knowledge. Dr. Knight's consistent and courteous! He's an awesome doctor, that demonstrates generosity each and EVERY visit. I would refer him in a heart beat! He's a "straight to the point Doctor, however, lets be clear... Very thorough!"


I had a broken bone in my wrist that was causing sharp pain all the way up my left arm that needed to be removed, have a bone graft and be pinned up. Dr Knight was amazing and extremely thorough explaining the procedure and post operative care. Everything went exactly as he had explained pretty much to the day. It's been 3 month since the operation and I no longer have any pain in my arm. All the surgery and clinic staff are really on the ball. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to them with hand or wrist issues.


After months of having pain in my wrist I went in to Dr.Knights office and had a very enjoyable experience. The staff was very welcoming, helpful and friendly and I would recommend this Institute to anybody dealing a hand or wrist injury. The doctor was able to diagnose and explain what the best treatment would be for my wrist and I have since made a full recovery. The Hand and Wrist Institute has the set the bar tremendously high for customer service and putting the patient first and i will always be grateful for them helping me with my injury.


Before seeing Dr. Knight, I was experiencing pain in my right wrist for about 12 year (yeah, I said twelve years). The pain first started when I was serving in the Marines back in 2003. I tried to get the VA to help me with the issue, but all they kept doing was giving me pain medication. The VA only treated the symptom (pain) and never the cause. So, I decided to take upon myself to find help and that's when I found Dr. Knight's office. After our first visit, Dr. Knight had me get an MRI to look for the problem. Two days later I get a call from his office telling me that I had a ganglion cyst and torn cartilage. Dr. Knight recommended surgery to fix the issue and I agreed. Now, I am pain free and could not be happier.


I would give this office a negative five if I could.They are all about the money, and are very dishonest and manipulative.Stay away from them.I have been suffering from a bad pain in my hand due to my work.I saw Dr. Knight a couple of times and he was suppose to put me on disability.His staff took my paper work and Dr. Knight himself told me that he will put me on temporary disability for a month.Then I was refereed to Evelyn (The lady that does the paper work for disability).I spoke with her on the phone and I was advised by her that the paper work has been sent to me.A week went by and I never received any paper work.I have called Evelyn and no return call has been made to me.Their excuse is that the system is down, and until it comes back up we can not pull up your record.How many days does it take for your system to start working?I bet if they had to collect money from me, then their system would be up and running.They always collected money prior to seeing me. Stay away from them or you will be sorry.Read all the reviews, not just the good one before making any decisions to see this office.They are all about the money.Very sad how some doctors use the system to take advantage of people.Believe me I know it.I work in the health field and have seen many like this office.I took my business elsewhere and they have been treating me so good.


Extremely happy to have my father in this hospital. The best possible doctor (Dr. Knight) together with nurse, created an atmosphere where elderly is permanent feeling help and attention. The more important, this doctor make patient to believe that he is not alone in his hard tasks and the hope for better is permanent with him. Love all of you DEAR PEOPLE. The all stuff is very good also.


Dr knight is the best I highly recommend him the staff is great my finger was totally out of shape dr knight was the one could fix it in original shape he is so caring and knowledgable highly recommend him


I am back on yelp, one week after having both of my thumbs operated on by Dr. Knight. Once again, it was such a positive experience. Everything went so well, he is so delightful and professional, Evelyne called me the night after my surgery just to check on me, my follow up today was so easy. The office is so prompt and relaxing. I can move my thumbs completely again, and the scars are not even visible. Thank goodness I found them!


I was in a serious biking accident outside of Himeji, Japan and went to a local hospital to seek medical attention. After considerable dissatisfaction with the level of care I had received, I researched top hand specialists in the States. I contacted Dr. Knight and booked a flight to LAX the very next day.

His facilities are top notch and his staff is extremely welcoming. I was immediately X-rayed and diagnosed right in his office. He personally performed wound care on my injured fingers. Also, I had a ring on my fractured finger that needed to be removed. After my appointment, he called the Beverly Hills Fire Department and they were able to safely remove the ring.

Ultimately, my injuries did not require surgery but this didn't stop Dr. Knight from going above and beyond to insure my recovery. He coordinated my treatment with doctors and occupational therapists back in Louisiana. I couldn't believe the level of personal attention I received. Dr. Knight cares for his patients like no other doctor I have encountered. I cannot truly thank you enough Dr. Knight!


I desperately needed a hand specialist for trigger finger and I was referred to Dr. Knight. The recommendation I got was excellent indeed. A serious professional, respectful of his patients' time and, of course, knowledgeable. Everything good I had heard about him perfectly matched my experience. Dr. Knight is not someone who wastes time, he gets straight to the point, answers all questions, and you are done. I got rid of my problem with one shot and, even though I know that I might need to go back at some point for the same problem, I now know where to go. Last, but not less important, Dr. Knight's office is welcoming, effective, well organized. I went to the Institute twice so far and never waited.

Stick with Dr. Knight. He is great!


I have tendonitis and trigger fingers on both hands and wrists, and I found out one day in February 2014 when I woke up in the morning and just used both of my hands to get off the bed just like I normally would do, the pain so intense that my tears instantly came out. I did not do anything about it (ignorance and lack of knowledge) because I thought the pain will go away eventually just like a cold or flu. I was continued to go to work just as nothing had happened. However, the pain had gotten persistent and worst as time goes by, and finally, I when to my family doctor in April and got X-rays for both hands and wrists, and my doctor recommended me to go to chiropractic and I went for about one and half months, but the pain was always getting worse at the end of my work day as I left my work. I was in pain such that I was not be able to open the car door without agony. I tried physical therapy in July to early of September, and the pain was not lessen and my therapist told me that I should go to see a hand specialist.

I was so lucky that I chose Dr. John T. Knight as my hands and wrists specialist (my physical therapist - Linda West at CA Rehab recommended me). At first, I was very skeptical, because I heard from others that "most surgeon all they want to do is to operate you". However, Dr. Knight was very careful and with his conservative approach of how to treat my hands and wrists in an effective way (because I never have had surgery before, and on top of that I was always afraid of needle and knife, this is one of my weakness). His staff, especially, Evelyn (office manager/administrative/ and among others duties...) was the best! She always responded to all my requests promptly with courtesy, and she was very prompt and nice whenever I went to the office for my follow-ups (I never had to wait for more than 5 minutes).

I was very glad that I had the surgeries, because the ache and pain from the surgeries, and after surgeries was minor compared to the ache and pain that I had suffered over 6 or 7 months before the surgeries. Dr. Knight provided me with all information that I would need to working on the healing process for my hands and wrists.

Even though, I am still working on OT and home therapy religiously as recommended by Dr. Knight, and I still have ache and pain, but I truly believe that one day my hands and wrists will get back to their normal ways as they were.

I just want to say - Thank You So Much to Dr. Knight and Evelyn that you have been very supportive and guided me through my most difficult time of my life. THANKsssss....ssss - Kimlinh H.


The BEST doctor for carpal tunnel. Dr John Knight was recommended to me and I am extremely happy with the results and care that was given to me. He has superb surgical skills. He has excellent bedside manners and he really cares about his patients. The staff were very courteous, professional and friendly. One thing I really love about his office, they called me after my surgery and checked on my status when I got home. Will definitely recommend Dr Knight to my friends and family. Thank you Dr Knight and staff.

J. Jacob


I have had wrist pain for several months and searched the best hand surgeon .

I googled hand surgeon and the hand and wrist institute populated .

Thank you to this search that I am now pain free. I had such a great experience with the staff and the doctor . I will highly recommended dr knight


Dr. Knight was fast and efficient when I saw him and his staff is always friendly and helpful. My wrist surgery went smoothly and without complications. I chose Dr. Knight over another doctor because I didn't like how busy they were, always making me feel like I wasn't a priority. Even though Dr. Knight's office is busy, they still give you solid service and attention.


After seeing Dr. Knight for a 2nd opinion for tingling, numbness, shooting pain up and down my arm and left hand from nerve damage I decided to use him for my carpal release procedure in October, 2015, as his procedure was minimally invasive. The scar itself was significantly smaller than the other doctor and the recovery time was much shorter. Although I had to pay some money out of pocket for the facility where the procedure was performed, I must say that it was worth every penny... I got what I paid for... Since my procedure I have had no issues, no numbness, no tingling, no pain -- i'm back to work full time and am doing better than before. I love the office, which is very inviting, modern, elegant and super clean. Dr. Knights assistant Evelyn also deserves high praises for her patience and care. Thank you both!! Sonia


Truly grateful to have Dr. John Knight as my hand surgeon. Dr. Knight initially tried to resolve my hand injury with conservative measures and did the surgery as the last resort. Dr. Knight has excellent bedside manners and importantly he listened to my concerns and truly compassionate. He truly helped me to fully heal by prescribing hand therapy and the time needed to heal the nerves that easily gets irritated. The staff are very professional and helpful. Being in the medical profession myself, I would highly recommend Dr. John T. Knight. The world is a lot better with doctors like Dr. Knight. Sincerely grateful. JM/ USC


Just! rec'd a wonderful gift basket from Dr.Knight's B.Hills office, for mix-up.. Just shows me the integrity of his Practice Thank you CClark. 4's


Dr. John Knight did an excellent job on my wrists. He did carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists and I can't even see the scars. I was in so much pain and couldn't sleep at night. I went to Dr. Knight because he took my insurance and I got really lucky because he did such a great job. Also, the gal that does the insurance took care of everything with my insurance and made my life a whole lot easier. He's also easy on the eyes ;)


When my 15 year son broke his finger, I wasn't happy with my Pediatricians referrals so I took a chance on Dr. Knight after reading his great Yelp reviews. And the great reviews are spot on. Dr. Knight is awesome. Not only is he professional, competent and an expert on the hand, he is also personable and has a great sense of humor. He put my son-who can be over dramatic when it comes to pain-at ease and explained everything in laymen's terms. I felt 110% confident with Dr. Knights treatment and actually looked forward to the visits as I knew my son was in good hands (no pun intended). His office has a great ambience, is nicely decorated and he has a great staff. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Knight and I will refer to both friends and stranger alike.


Dr. Knight is an amazing doctor. I have a painful bone spur in my right hand and he removed it with surgery. It was a successful surgery. He forwarded me to a great Physical Therapist and now I'm back to my sports better then I ever was before! Thanks Doctor Knight.


The Hand and Wrist Institute is top notch. From Evelyn and the office staff that she leads, to Dr. Knight and his excellent skills and bed side manner. I am very happy with my experience and the results.


My name is Miriam Borrayo and I had tennis and golf elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome all in the my left arm. After months of pain, visits to the doctor, tests and more I was getting frustrated because everyday I was feeling worst.

I got tired of the pain and of the doctors doing nothing for me so I decided to go for another opinion, I started doing my research and I found Doctor John Knight. I call for an appointment and they gave it to me right away, no waiting.

When I got the first time to his office it amazed me how kind and nice the staff were to me and how fast they take care of you.

Immediately they took me to take X-rays of my hand and elbow, which I think is awesome because it saves you a couple of appointments. In no time Doctor Knight was with me and started the treatment.

Unfortunately I needed surgery for the carpal tunnel.

I had surgery done on January 3rd and it went great. The very next day in the morning I was able to do a full fist and the numbness in my hand was gone. Five days after the surgery I was able to start therapy and five weeks from the surgery I'm going back to work fully recovered.

I'm really thankful for Doctor Knight and his staff, very professional at all times.

At the therapy center I see people that they had the same kind of surgery in August and they still can close their hands,
Would I go back to Doctor Knight? without a doubt, YES.


My son is a college baseball pitcher who was having ulnar nerve issues. Dr. Knight both diagnosed and treated him with great care as well as worked with our schedule to help get him back on the field for the start of the season. I would not go to any other doctor other than Dr. Knight for treating of hand or arm injuries. He was also very responsive with questions asked between appts and kept us up to date on what to expect in the recovery process


Dr. Knight fixed the Carpal Tunnel issue in my left hand and also a trigger thumb issue in my right hand. No problems, very professional and everything works perfectly! Can't do much better than that.


I have been a patient of Dr. Knight's for a few years. He is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He has helped me by performing numerous surgeries on my hands, including carpel tunnel and trigger fingers. He is kind, respectful of my time, and a true professional. I recommend him to anyone needing hand or wrist surgery. His staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable as well.


Problem: a severe form of Tendonitis on my Right base of the thumb - resulting in different forms of pain, limited motion and unable to perform normal task.

I had a wonderful experience there from evaluation of my injury, to the surgical procedure and the post operation. Normally after post OP, a total of 3 months therapy and healing time before you could work again and be able to function without those annoying tingling sensation. I did it in 1 and half month.

Staff were very helpful, they'll help you on your day/time preference to come and visit Dr. knight, waiting time is very minimal. I was late one time for like 5 min, they called me over my Cell to confirm if I was coming, bec of that, the staff made arrangement of me to come and see him right away, awesome customer service.

If anyone suffers from any upper extremity problem, whether a finger or a wrist, that involves affecting your Daily life, this is the Doctor that YOU should one else.


I had a severed tendon and randomly found Dr. Knight on a search engine. Their staff was really helpful even after hours, and scheduled me right away. The surgery center is in LA, not convenient for me being in Orange County but it was worth the drive.

Surgery went smoothly, and even though my type of finger injury does not usually end up in even close to full range motion again, I am at about 90% motion and strength after only 3 months. I can only attribute that to sticking with the physical therapy and of course the skill of the surgeon, Dr. Knight. He was always friendly to me and straight to the point, which I appreciate. Highly recommended.


Dr. Knight is amazing!! He is so knowledgeable and personable, and you can tell he has a lot of experience and knows exactly what he's doing. Unlike normal doctor's appointments where you have to wait forever in the waiting room, then another hour once you get inside, I didn't have to wait a single at all at this location (Newport Beach). Upon arriving, I was brought into the patient room immediately, and Dr. Knight came in just a few minutes later. His staff is friendly, helpful, and professional. I highly recommend seeing him if you have a hand/wrist injury =)


After almost 6 years of having my left pinky finger off to the side due to a fall, I finally had the courage to contact a surgeon. I was living in Hawaii and was having a very hard time finding a surgeon who I could completely trust. I went to a couple who made me feel uneasy so I knew I had to search off island, after doing a lot of research, I found Dr. Knight. I went to the Hand and Wrist Institute website and submitted my question. I was immediately contacted by Evelyn, Dr. Knight's nurse who helped make the experience flow very easily for me. I did the Skype consult and knew right away that I wanted to make the trip to LA for my surgery. Dr. Knight answered all my questions and eased all my concerns. It made me wonder why I waited so long to get my finger fixed. Dr. Knight is absolutely amazing!! He's definitely the best in the field. I was very apprehensive at first but Dr. Knight and his staff made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. The facility I had my surgery at was pristine, everyone was very kind and understanding. I didn't feel any discomfort, in fact I didn't need to take the pain medication I was prescribed. It's now been over a year and I don't even realize that I had surgery done. I am also very grateful to Evelyn for everything she has done for me and all of her support! She's been so helpful since the beginning until now. I highly recommend Dr. Knight and the Hand and Wrist Institute!! Thank you for everything :)


I am a private banker and investment advisor in Dallas, Texas and had severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I heard several recommendations of Dr. Knight for his expertise and qualifications in hand and wrist surgery. I spoke with his staff, had tests done in Dallas (confirming carpal tunnel), then made arrangements to fly to Los Angeles for surgery. This was a very simple and efficient process. I flew to LA on the weekend and had endoscopic carpal tunnel release on Monday morning and was back in Dallas in my office on Tuesday afternoon. The symptoms in my hand were gone immediately. Dr. Knight's staff followed up to see how I was doing. I recommend Dr. Knight and the Hand and Wrist Institute to anyone with problems of the hand and wrist. I could not be any happier with my experience.


Dr. Knight gave me BACK MY HANDS and I am forever grateful! He is at the TOP of his field and is kind and professional. His expertise exceeded my hopes, which says a lot since I am a retinal surgeon who had a wrist injury that threatened my surgical career. While the diagnosis eluded others, he immediately detected the tear in my wrist stabilizer, the TFC. He efficiently confirmed it with an MR arthrogram and I was already recovering from his surgery before others might have arrived at the diagnosis. The next year, he helped me heal again by doing an endoscopic carpal tunnel release on my other hand. He is a delight. I am truly grateful to have Dr Knight as my doctor. His office manager, Evelyn, is also a treasure.


I recently had an endoscopic carpal tunnel release by Dr. Knight. I can't say enough how impressed I was with both he and his staff. 3 weeks and I am back to full activities. First class operation and the new center is top notch.


I had wrist pain for 3 years in my left wrist which interfered with my golf game which is my passion. I had seen several different wrist specialists locally and out of state. I had been referred by friends to the other doctors. With continued pain, I searched the internet and Dr. Knight's name came up. I must say i was very leery of finding someone on the internet. Long story short. Dr. Knight diagnosed me with a TFC tear and performed arthroscopic surgery 3 months ago. After 6 weeks, my recovery was ahead of schedule and I returned to light golf strokes. Now 3 months out, I have returned to some of the best golf i have played in a while. Thank you Dr. Knight as well as your great staff!



Dr Knight was very professional I had Carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. The surgery was as low impact as the video on Dr Knights website states. I have had problems for many years and was afraid of the old fashion surgery. I am very happy I found Dr Knight. I was able to use my hand right away. After a few months my hand feels great.

Dr Knight and his employees were great, I highly recommend them.


I have been a patient of Dr. Knight's for over one year now. I was lucky enough to find one of the top 10 surgeons in LA that accepted workers comp insurance. Since then he has always answered all of my questions and took care in accurately diagnosing me. When my first MRI showed nothing, he sent a doctor in to insert the contrast directly into my wrist, and that revealed my torn cartilage. He never pushed the surgery on to me, just waited to see if I would heal on my own, we tried therapy and one cortisone injection. I eventually asked him to do the surgery, because it was not healing 1 year after the initial injury. We all know surgery is a last resort, but I wish I had done it sooner.

The surgery was very simple, I suggest you watch the video of his arthroscopic surgery online (you can find it on his website, there's no blood in case you're squeamish) watching the video put me at ease, and left no worries or concerns before hand. The surgery center was great and my anesthesiologist was a charmer, all of the nurses were friendly and attentive to my needs. It was a pleasant and exciting experience for my first surgery.

My recovery has been going well and I'm healing very fast. I don't know what I would have done without Dr. Knight. He is a brilliant surgeon and I feel privileged to be under his care. I feel very comfortable around his staff and look forward to my monthly visits. They are professional and kind, feel free to ask them for anything.


Dr. Knight is very professional and took his time to diagnose my issues. Other doctors missed things that he found. Thanks for the good work Dr. Knight!


Dr. John Knight has performed two separate surgeries on my left hand. He is not only a very skilled surgeon but he and his staff are extremely professional. He has several office locations which makes it easy to get in to see him. His surgical facility, D.I.S.C. is located in Marina del Rey and is beautifully decorated. His staff, especially his assistant, Evelyn, are friendly, helpful and really make every effort to accomodate whatever your circumstances are. Both of my surgeries have been successful and I would definitely go back to Dr. Knight with any future issues that I might have.


I have recommended three friends to Dr. Knight and they have all received excellent care. My first friend broke his finger playing basketball and Dr. Knight spent a lot of time with him and got him back to playing. The second friend had surgery at another center and Dr. Knight re-operated on him and fixed his hand. The third had carpal tunnel problems and Dr. Knight did a minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery on him with great results. Highly recommended!


Outstanding medical practitioner and a breath of fresh air. I did not have to wait like most doctors' offices. The doctor and staff were very professional and parking was convenient. The doctor was very competent, quickly diagnosed my issue, and took the time to ensure I understood it, then did a great job of resolving it I have since referred two employees and both were equally pleased. If you're tired of going to doctors that never have an answer, I think you'll be quite pleased with Dr. Knight. No wonder Dubai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong fly him there to operate on their elites!


I have seen Dr. Knight twice and he is professional and knows what he is doing. I can't stand when Doctor's don't listen to what you have to say and simple don't put any thought into your personal issue. That isn't Dr. Knight. He listens and provided directions for my body to heal.

I look at some of these reviews and people baffle me. I think it's a secret Doctor code to have a phone system that don't make complete sense and you always have to move from room to room....have you been to a doctor's office before?

Bottom line, Dr. Knight is legitimately the best wrist specialists I have seen. He knows what he's talking about and has helped me ease the pain in my wrist.


Wow...i've read These reviews and let me say this...I had a very bad wrist that kept me up at nights for 18 months and after treating with two doctors, my insurance company finally afforded me to see Dr. Knight. He immediately ordered an MRI, gave me some meds that worked and physical therapy. After the MRI was read, I needed Carpal Tunnel Surgery. it was scheduled immediatey. The surgery was extremely successful along with the physical therapy and it's been 11 months since I had surgery and I have NO scars. in fact, my internal medicine physician at USC Hospital was totally amazed and very impressed with the results. She could not believe her eyes that I had NO scars and no skin discoloration at all. If you need hand/wrist surgery and you want it done with pristine perfection then Dr. John Knight is the one. He is a blessing to the medical profession and I highly recommend him! In fact, my friends have asked for his card and so has my co-workers. Dr. Knight and his staff are very caring, professional and just simply exceptional. I love his staff they are very efficient, kind and jovial as well. Hats off to the "BEST" Hand Specialist in town Dr. Knight! ! Trust me on this you will not not regret it. I am a living witness to this.


I visited the West Hills Office of Dr. Knight for pain and inflammation I was experiencing in my wrist. Previous to Dr. Knight, I had visited two other doctors who told me my wrist problem was "Carpel Tunnel Sydrome" Since I knew my condition was not Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, I researched many doctors online. After finding and viewing Dr. Knight's Website, he seemed highly qualified so I decided to visit Dr. Knights's office. After his initial examination, he immediately ordered tests and recommended I see other specialists. But he did not just make these referals and drop me like every other doctor's office. Every step along the way, Dr. Knight's Office was calling me to follow-up with me. They kept track of doctors I visisted and ordered records. The asked about medications I was receiving and they were very professional. Actually, I was overwhelmed at their constant concern for resoving my medical condition, their level of professionalism and their true concern for my well-being. I have been to see many doctors over the past several years and I have never been to any medical practice that was even half as good, professional or concerned about my well-being as Dr. Knight. He is knowlegable, he listens and he is truly interested that his patients make a full recovery. So if you are really interested in healing and finding a doctor who will assist you, get on the telephone and make an appointment with his office.


I went to see Dr. Knight about pain I had in my thumb. First off, the staff was very courteous and prompt. Even in passing, they were friendly and welcoming. Dr. Knight did an exceptional job thoroughly explaining my ailments and laying out all the options as well as their short and long term effects. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Knight and his staff.


I developed chronic wrist pain ,related to sports injuries, that was limiting my ability to work and exercise. I had surgery with Dr. John Knight and my pain is gone! Not only am I pain free on a day to day basis, I am back lifting weights and exercising! His staff and surgical facility are first class. I have personally referred 5 people, namely professional athletes and businessmen, to Dr. Knight since my surgery and all were very impressed with his professionalism and skill.


Amazing experience!

I had a bad wrist from too much time holding my heavy camera and long hours editing photos (I'm a photographer)

I went to see Dr. Knight and was so impressed! Impressed by how wonderful my experience was, from his staff to the doctor himself and the first class treatment. I am now back to work shooting away, and for that I am so grateful and would definitely without a doubt, highly recommend The Hand and Wrist Institute!! 2 fully functioning thumbs up!


I'm very fortunate that Dr. John Knight was on call the day someone rode their bike into me and broke my fingers. The ER doctor had to call Dr. Knight, and we had the chance to meet him. We got a sense that his standards are very high, and was lucky not to have to look further.

Dr. Knight performed surgery a week later on a Friday. He was very attentive and his staff was extremely available and sensitive to my needs and requests, even over the weekend. This was very important as it was a challenge to find the right balance of pain relief that would help me manage the pain after surgery with the stomach upset of so much medicine and antibiotics.

Dr. Knight's standards are very high, and his staff is extremely professional and attentive. The office is extremely rigorous about scheduling follow-up visits, just don't be late. Dr. Knight and his staff are particularly demanding when it comes time for therapy. Their treatment and care has served me well. My last surgery (to remove pins) was about a month ago, and I've made tremendous progress.

I'm grateful to Dr. John Knight, his Administrator and Coordinator Evelyn Cao, and his assistants, X-Ray tech and front office staff. They have made the challenge of this injury much easier to undergo and provide the necessary care for full recovery in the future.


I hardly write reviews for many places I visit as I have had often times, mediocre service and none that I can "write home about" but I feel compelled to write one for this practice and its staff members.

I injured my wrist playing league volleyball. I landed improperly and braced myself for a fall; Don't ask me how I wound up landing that way as I'm still trying to figure it out haha. Anyhow, I was referred to this practice from a colleague and have received absolutely great service. Everyone from the front office, Evelyn, to the physician, Dr. Knight was stellar in personality and professionalism. Evelyn helped me through the process as this was also my first visit seeing a specialist. Her kind and professional attitude helped things move so much more smoothly than I thought. Thanks again Evelyn!!

Simply put, they are awesome and an easy recommendation to family and friends who also very active playing league sports. Yes, league sports athletes aren't professional athletes but we sure do try hard but just thinking about how much they make, makes me a sad panda.

Go Lakers!


I have been to many doctors offices and have not had a good experience until Dr. Knight's office. I did not have to wait long in his office, his staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. His office manager was very prompt in coordinating my care. I was very impressed with the turn around including the doctor calling me immediately after my tests.

Dr. Knight took care of my wrist injury and I am completely satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Dr Knight to any of my friends and family.


I've never had a negative experience with Dr. Knight or his staff. They were always friendly and Dr. knight cured and diagnosed my elbow injury when no one else could.

They took my insurance and told me upfront that I would be responsible for any deductibles or copays which I understood.

His office manager was attentive and sweet. It's clear that she and Dr. Knight run a very busy practice but I never felt like I was just another patient.

Also they have a great feature on their website that you log in to as patient and can ask the doctor questions or update your information.. you can even schedule appointments!

I'd give The hand and wrist institute 5 stars any day