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The Hand and Wrist Institute facilities are located in Southern California. We offer a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments for almost any hand, wrist or arm condition. If you have found our site because of a painful or debilitating condition that you have in your hand or wrist, you have come to the right place. Our website is designed to answer basic questions you may have about your condition and our facilities, and show you how we can help you lead a more productive and pain-free life, with the help of Dr. Knight and his experienced staff. You can also schedule your first appointment online through our site. We are happy to serve all residents of West Hills in our office located in the very same city.

What is the Hand and Wrist Institute?

The Hand and Wrist Institute is a state of the art facility where Dr. John T. Knight and his expert associates diagnose and treat hand, arm, and wrist conditions. They specialize in outpatient procedures and pain management techniques. We have three convenient facilities located in Beverly Hills, West Hills and Newport Beach. We exceed standards for major hospitals when it comes to infection control, performing surgery and other procedures. We also have a 98 percent patient satisfaction rating. Here we practice the most advanced techniques in order to reduce pain, provide for a quicker recovery, and increase mobility. We provide a personalized experience for all of our patients.

West Hills Office
Address:7230 Medical Center Drive, Suite 503
 West Hills, CA 9130
Phone:(310) 432-9363
Driving Time from West Hills:5 minutes

What is a Hand Specialist?

Hand specialists can help with a variety of symptoms and conditions you may be experiencing in your hand, wrist, elbow and arm. From arthritic conditions, to traumatic injuries, to overuse injuries, to carpal tunnel syndrome, to cubital tunnel syndrome, a hand surgeon is the best doctor to go to help diagnose and thoroughly treat your symptoms and condition. Hand doctors are specially trained in this area of the body and this is the only area of the body they practice in. Hand specialists diagnose conditions, treat pain and the underlying problem, and oversee rehabilitation after treatment or surgery is over. Sometimes it is necessary for them to perform a surgical procedure, and sometimes not. With such a specialized focus, hand specialists are experts in this area.

Who is Dr. John T. Knight?

A board certified orthopedic surgeon and hand doctor, Dr. John T. Knight also has a certificate of added qualifications in surgery of the hand. His experience in this field spans more than 25 years. Dr. Knight is a well-known and trusted physician in field of hands and wrists. He has been featured on The Doctor’s television show on multiple occasions, as well as CNN and ABC. With over 15,000 procedures successfully performed, Dr. Knight is a trusted doctor by many, including celebrities and sports figures.

Why Choose Dr. Knight?

With all of his experience and training, Dr. Knight is one of the top hand specialists in the nation. He is trained in the most advanced surgeries and technologies to treat problems in the wrists and hands. Dr. Knight and his highly skilled associates have the best facilities and state of the art technologies to treat their patients. Dr. Knight and his associates holistically treat all aspects of hand, arm, and wrist conditions.

If you are suffering from a wrist or hand condition, now is the time to contact Dr. Knight and his staff for appointment. Do not suffer needlessly any longer. Contact Dr. Knight today by phone or submit a web form. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to treat your condition at our West Hills office.

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