Best Boxing Gyms in Dallas, TX

Boxing is not only a popular sport, it’s a great way to get exercise, even for those who don’t want to compete. Whether you want to train to get into the ring, or you just want a fantastic all-around workout that will whip you into shape, you can find a boxing gym in the Dallas area. From gyms that offer fitness boxing to boxing clubs for serious competitors, here are some of the best places in Dallas for boxing.

Maple Ave Boxing and Fitness

Maple Ave Boxing and Fitness offers boxing fitness classes for all levels. The classes are all taught by fitness pros and boxing champions. If you want to box for more than just fitness, you can also head to Maple Ave for boxing training. The instructors have the knowledge and experience to train you whether you are an amateur or a professional fighter. 

You don’t need any boxing experience to take a boxing fitness class, and the classes are all small, so you can work out in a safe and motivating environment. Boxing can help you lose weight, build strength, and improve your agility and balance. A good boxing class can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. The class schedule at Maple Ave Boxing and Fitness include kickboxing and boxing, with both offered several days a week. 

Vivero Boxing Gym

You’ll find Vivero Boxing Gym on Balboa Drive in Oak Cliff. This gym was originally founded in a converted garage and is one of the most popular gyms for boxers in the Dallas area. Many of the fighters who started training at Vivero went on to become successful competitive boxers.

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R & R Boxing Club

R & R Boxing Club has classes and training for all levels. The trainers and coaches teach group classes for adults and kids, and the gym has 15 heavy bags of varying weights so you can use the ones you are comfortable with. This gym is a great place for getting in shape. It has cardio and resistance equipment, a speed ladder, Bosu balls, and dumbbells. 

The training takes place on rubber-padded floors, so it’s better for your joints. There are classes for adults where you can learn footwork, punch and defense fundamentals, and burn lots of calories. The kid’s classes will introduce boxing stance, footwork, and punch form. They will also learn defense at a pace designed for kids. If you want to work on your form with one of the coaches, R & R offers private sessions, and there is also amateur and pro training by appointment.

TITLE Boxing Club

The Dallas TITLE Boxing Club sits on Lemmon Ave, and it’s open early in the morning. This club offers boxing and kickboxing classes for all levels of fitness. TITLE offers a full-body boxing workout that can change your body. The signature workout uses boxing fundamentals, including heavy bag training. This type of workout strengthens and tones the entire body and builds stamina. The schedule also includes boxing classes with high-intensity interval training to burn more calories than almost any other workout.

The kickboxing classes incorporate punching and kicking for a challenging workout that keeps your entire body engaged the entire time. Do you love watching MMA fights? Take a class and find out what it’s all about. The MMA training will bring your fitness to a new level. It combines bag work with boxing and kickboxing for the ultimate workout. TITLE Boxing Club also offers private training. This is ideal for someone who wants to take their boxing or kickboxing technique to the next level for even better results.


9Round offers a unique workout designed to get you in great shape without taking up much of your time. The classes are only 30 minutes long and feature kickboxing fitness programs. There are no specific workout class times at 9Round. You show up when convenient for you, and a trainer will show you how to wrap your hands and how to do each of the exercises based on your fitness level. You spend three minutes at the nine different stations, and after the ninth station, you are done. 

One of the best things about 9Round is the workouts change every day, so you’ll never get bored. In only 30 minutes, you’ll burn tons of calories, strengthen and tighten your muscles, increase your stamina, and strengthen your heart. 

Dallas Fight Club

Dallas Fight Club is a boxing gym designed for fun and fitness. The trainers offer group and personal training, and this gym is also a place for competitive boxers to train. Dallas Fight Club sits in a 14,000-square-foot warehouse on Levee Street and has a 22-foot ring, heavy and light bags, an octagon, free weights, and lots of boxing and fitness equipment. If you’ve never tried a boxing class before and want to check it out, you can take a free trial class. 

The schedule has group classes for adults and kids. The instructors will teach you how to punch and move to get you in shape while having fun. The amateur boxing program at Dallas Fight Club is structured and demanding. It’s for boxers looking to bring their skills to the next level and are willing to put in the time and dedication to compete in USA Boxing competitions. The events include local, regional, and national competitions and can lead to the Pan American Games, the World Amateur Championship, and beyond. 

Boxing has many benefits for all ages. Whether you want to fight competitively or you just want to get in shape, Dallas Boxing Club has the trainers and coaches to build your confidence and character.

These are some of our favorite boxing and fitness gyms in the Dallas area. Do you have a boxing gym you like to go to that didn’t make our list? Give us a call at the Hand and Wrist Institute so we can check it out and maybe even take a class. If we like it as much as you, we’ll add it to our list. 


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Dr. John Knight

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