Vegan Friendly Restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are plenty of restaurants you choose from and enjoy a scrumptious meal with your loved ones. What’s great about the big city is that there’s no shortage of options for various dietary preferences and restrictions. Many places have vegan-friendly options, and you can find locations dedicated to a vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Our team at The Hand and Wrist Institute put together a list of five vegan-friendly restaurants in the DFW area for you to check out with friends and family.

Vegan Food House

Dubbed the 2019 Best Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurant by the Dallas Observer, Vegan Food House serves great vegan options to the local community since. Here, you can enjoy the popular American bar favorites in plant-based form. The location’s interior has a cabin look, which might make you want to cozy up while dining. When it’s warm outside, take your meal to the patio to soak up a sunny day. If you’re in a hurry, you can order your meal online for pickup or delivery. There are also gluten-free, low-carb, and keto-friendly options available.

Here, you can eat a few tasty options, such as a Beyond pepper steak with a mixed green salad, kale, and avocado, cauliflower wings country plate with black pepper gravy, buffalo no-chicken seitan po’boy with fries, or seitan tender basket. If you have questions about how the kitchen staff sources or prepares the ingredients, you can contact the restaurant using the website’s contact page.

Goji Cafe

If you’re looking for healthy Asian cuisine that’s entirely vegan, you can visit the Goji Cafe. Staff members take pride in creating a wide variety of dishes that are both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the palate. Here, you can enjoy various Asian-inspired meals with a healthy twist. While many locals love the cafe’s bowls, the menu includes several western specials, like burgers and wraps. This restaurant also has gluten-free meals.

If you review the menu, you can see it has many flavorful plates, such as veggie fried rice, veggie noodles, fried potstick dumpling, and a Beyond Burger with french fries. And, before you leave, don’t forget to order delectable vegan cheesecake or cake to enjoy later. While the cafe lists most of its ingredients on the menu and website, it doesn’t list them all. So, if you have an allergy or dietary restriction, let your server know, and they can inform you about the remaining ingredients or how the meal is prepared and cooked.

Recipe Oak Cliff

Grab some lunch or an early dinner at Recipe Oak Cliff. At this location, you can grab refreshing smoothies and palatable plant-based meals. Be sure to call your order ahead of time or place it online because the restaurant doesn’t accept walk-in orders. The interior is a modern, rustic environment with fun artwork decorating the walls.

If you’re looking for an afternoon treat, try one of the smoothies, like Citrus Blast with grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime, or KoolAide with pineapple, orange, apple, lemon, and beet. You can also try Electric Mango with mango, kale, coconut water, sea moss, and lime, or Hey Red with strawberries, bananas, and apple juice. While customers primarily associate Recipe with its energizing smoothies, you can pair your beverage with meals like tacos, veggie burgers, zoodles, and salads.

Casa Del Vegano

If you’re looking for a relaxed lunch or dinner, try Casa Del Vegano. It’s a counter-service restaurant where you can seat yourself. The cafe’s exterior has a vibrant sign with blue and white colors and funky font, encouraging you to come inside and try a bite. When you sit down, you can order your meal from a provided QR code or go to the bar to speak with a team member.

A few featured menu items you may like are the veef quesadilla with Beyond Meat  and grilled fajita chickenless tacos. For something hearty, consider the Avochanga with avocados, tomatoes, chipotle, and cilantro. For a seafood-style dish, try the coastal scallop tacos with grilled vegan “scallops,” which are made from king trumpet mushrooms.

Boulevard of Greens

Boulevard of Greens focuses on making fresh, flavorful meals that are accessible to all people in the community. When you eat here, you can feel confident you’re not consuming preservatives, dairy products, animal products, or chemicals. The meals also have low salt and sugar standards. You can enjoy various clean items, such as light snacks, hearty bowls, juices, and plant-based bowls.

Boulevard of Greens takes pride in finding the most potent and nutrient-packed ingredients. You can also add organic hemp, chia seeds, or fresh turmeric to your meals. Grab some appetizing meals to pair with a juice or smoothie, such as the kale crunch salad, carrot soup, breakfast taco, or the Graceland sandwich with berry jelly, peanut butter, almond butter, and banana on gluten-free bread.

So, there you have it. We just reviewed our team’s top five choices for vegan-friendly restaurants in the DFW area. What do you think of our list? Did we miss one of your favorite spots to grab a bite? Contact us, and tell us about it.

Here at The Hand and Wrist Institute, we value your input, especially about local eateries we can support. If you have a hand or wrist condition, why not stop by our Dallas or Southlake office before or after dining at one of these delicious restaurants? We have some of the best carpal tunnel doctors in the area, so schedule your appointment today by calling us at 855-558-4263 or 817-482-3840.


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Dr. John Knight
Dr. John Knight

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