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Injure your Arm?

Have you recently been afflicted by an injury of the hand, wrist, elbow, or upper extremity? Whether it is chronic discomfort from carpal tunnel, or discoloration and swelling due to a bruised, fractured, or broken bone, you have made a wise decision to learn more about the Hand and Wrist Institute. Southern California’s leading orthopedic hand treatment institution treats just about any of the numerous afflictions that can plague the human arm.

With a 98% positive patient satisfaction rating, the Hand and Wrist Institute will surely add you to the list of satisfied patients who, after entrusting Dr. John T. Knight with the health of their hands, could not be happier with the results. With offices in nearby West Hills or Beverly Hills you can find whichever office you find more convenient to treat your ailments.


Office Location Serving Glendale
Address:8929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 320
 Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone:(310) 432-9363
Driving Time from Glendale:28 minutes

Dr. John T. Knight

Dr. John T. Knight has been leading the Hand and Wrist Institute for over 25 years and in his time there has led the institute to the forefront of hand, wrist, and upper extremity care in the medical community. Not only is he a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, but he has also performed over 15,000 procedures in his time as a hand specialist. You can rest assured that whatever ailment besets you; Dr. Knight has seen and treated it before. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies that allow for minimal scarring and pain, Dr. Knight’s surgical procedures boast recovery times that compete with the best in the world. If you think just one man cannot do it all, you may be right to a degree. However, complementing Dr. Knight is a professionally trained staff that will answer your questions, concerns, inform you of all treatment options, and begin your road to recovery from the moment you set foot in our office.

What Treatments Are Available?

Dr. Knight specializes in treatments of the hands and upper extremities, and one of the most common afflictions to this area today is carpal tunnel syndrome. The Hand and Wrist Institute offers industry-leading technologies such as Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy, which allows Dr. Knight to visualize firsthand the damage to your hand and determine the optimal treatment for your full recovery. Dr. Knight’s acclaimed endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedure (ECTR) has been heralded by the medical community for its minimally invasive execution and extremely high success (or rather, cure) rate. In addition to these technically advanced methods, Dr. Knight boasts a long list of treatable injuries and syndromes including, but not limited to, nail infections, wrist sprains, flexor tendon injuries, and burns of the hand.

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With offices located in Beverly Hills and West Hills, we are just a short drive from Glendale. They both offer cutting edge technologies and professional staff that will have you in and out with minimal waiting time and a personalized health care experience. These surgical centers specialize in pain relief procedures, as well as spine and orthopedic outpatient surgeries. We are able to accommodate even the most complex cases. Contact us today, and leave your healthcare concerns in our hands.

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