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The Hand and Wrist Institute at West Hills

While the main office of The Hand and Wrist Institute resides in Beverly Hills, our patients enjoy state-of-the-art consultation services at our West Hills location. We invite you to come in and discover the comfortable environment we have created and the personal touch of every member of our team of skilled medical professionals. It is our pleasure to collaborate and put you at ease during every office visit. We work with you as a whole patient and address your needs so you will get on the road to recovery and living with your temporary or chronic hand or wrist condition.

Our Difference

In support of Dr. Knight’s mission to bring patients to better health and wellness through provision of expert care, we operate multiple locations throughout Orange County and Southern California. The West Hills location is available to you so you can keep all of your appointments near your residence or place of employment. Dr. Knight and his team of medical staff work with patients at any location by accessing patient charts through Electronic Medical Records software. Patients get more personalized service in an efficient manner because we work here from computer terminals to use the paperless records system. As a patient, you will not have to worry that Dr. Knight is waiting to review your chart.

Getting Started

Our hand and wrist patients typically receive consultation and some treatment services directly in the West Hills office with Dr. Knight. We work closely with our partners, including a nearby imaging center and a physical therapy group. We want you to access all of your diagnostic MRI and x-ray services and healing therapies in the same region of southern California.

Our Caring Approach

Under the leadership of Dr. Knight, we work with every patient to create a customized plan for diagnosis and treatment. When you leave our office, you will know where you must go for any diagnostic services. Following Dr. Knight’s review of the diagnostic results, he will discuss any need for surgery or other treatments and recommend physical therapy as needed. The pain and effects of your hand or wrist condition is important to us. At all points in your relationship with us, you are encouraged to make appointment times so you can meet the demands of your busy lifestyle. We will maintain a comfortable environment for you to benefit from your doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Knight in West Hills.


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