On 9/21/10, I was consulted to evaluate Robbie Maddison, immediately after landing at LAX from a trip from Australia.

Robbie gave a history of a fall from his bike during competition on 7/31/10 in Australia. He had immediate right wrist pain and swelling.

His initial xrays at the time of injury apparently didn't reveal a fracture. Robbie continued riding in competition over the next 2 months with progressive pain. Finally he underwent another evaluation in Australia which revealed a wrist fracture.

At the time of my evaluation, Robbie complained of significant right wrist pain. On examination, he had mild swelling and moderate tenderness at the top of his wrist. A CT scan was obtained which revealed a rare fracture of the capitate bone (central bone in the wrist) which was not healed and shifted.

The recommended treatment was to perform surgery to restore the fracture to normal alignment and place pins.
One week later, Robbie was taken to surgery where several pins were placed to hold the fracture in place.
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After surgery Robbie remained in a cast, checking him regularly between his trips to Australia. On 11/1/10, just 5 weeks after surgery, a repeat CT scan revealed early healing.

The following day pins were removed during another minor surgery.

Robbie, wasting no time, was fitted with a special graphite brace and he was off to ride again. On 12/3/10, final CT scan confirmed satisfactory healing of the fracture and Robbie was released.

I had the pleasure of visiting Robbie recently at his home and seeing him in action. His wrist has fully recovered.

Dr. Knight, Thank you!!
You saved my career!!
Robbie Maddison