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The hand is one of the most delicate parts of the body and so necessary for many daily functions in your life. When you injure your hand, you feel incapable of several tasks that you would normally take for granted. You have made a wise choice to check out the Hand and Wrist Institute via this website. You will find a multitude of information to help you with your concerns.
Orthopedic hand injuries can range from minor to disastrous and include fractures of the fingers and thumb as well as a knuckle fracture which may be known as the “boxer’s fracture” of the hand. These breakages can include the small bones by the fingers known as the phalanges or the longer bones or metacarpals. Hand injuries will be notable with extreme pain and swelling, deformity and tenderness, especially in the affected part of the hand.


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Dr. John Knight is an orthopedic hand specialist with over 25 years of experience. He has performed at least 15,000 procedures. Dr. Knight specializes in minimally invasive treatments for hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries and conditions. He has achieved one of the first toe-to-thumb transplants. Dr. Knight graduated from LSU in 1987 with honors. He went on to further his education in order to specialize in hand, wrist and other conditions.
Dr. Knight has performed numerous endoscopic carpal tunnel releases, which is a stitchless surgery that involves minor scarring and pain. His expertise goes further to slight invasive wrist arthroscopy, hand rejuvenation as well as reconstructive surgery of the elbows, hands, fingers, wrist and more. He is one of the top hand surgeons in the nation, with expertise in various areas as mentioned.
The Hand and Wrist Institute and orthopedic hand specialist Dr. Knight have all the knowledge and latest technology to solve all your hand, wrist and elbow problems with minimal pain and scarring. They have extremely clean facilities and provide special ultraviolet emitters that destroy any income air borne germs, microorganisms and bacteria, preventing the chance for any infections.
The Hand and Wrist Institute has multiple locations for your convenience and they guarantee to offer the newest, best state of the art equipment. Additionally, the staff is highly knowledgeable and helpful while you are in their care. All patients receive a personalized surgical experience. After surgery, the patient enters a relaxing recovery area with a natural setting. The recovery rooms have the latest in monitoring equipment with helpful nursing staff just a few feet away when needed. Many patients return home within hours of surgery.
If you are considering orthopedic hand surgery and care, referrals of the Hand and Wrist Institute can attest to their complete satisfaction after their surgeries. Dr. Knight stands behind his excellent service and expertise. Contacting the Hand and Wrist Institute is easy by going to the contact page of the website. There is also a place for personal questions to help you make your final decision regarding surgery. Be sure to check out the entire site and rest assured you are indeed in good “hands.”

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