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Have you injured your hand, wrist or elbow and find yourself wondering why you didn’t take better care of your body? Taking our body’s function for granted is part of the human condition, and, unfortunately, so is injuring it from time to time. Thankfully, healing is part of the natural process as well, but can be a drawn-out process that requires proper diagnosis, treatment, and care of the injury if you wish to be at the one-hundred percent capacity you were prior to trauma. I therefore applaud your effort to learn more about the Hand and Wrist Institute, and its impressive capacities to offer future patients such as yourself a helping hand.

The Hand and Wrist Institute

the Hand and Wrist Institute is a widely acclaimed leader in the medical field for care of the hands, wrists, and upper extremities. Founded by Dr. John. T. Knight, the Hand and Wrist Institute office located in West Hills is equipped with a professionally trained and knowledgeable staff that will accommodate your every need. With the advantages of the internet age, the Hand and Wrist Institute Website even offers courtesies such as direct question and answer correspondence with the doctor, an avenue to receive a second medical opinion, as well as an online calendar where you can schedule your own appointment. The Hand and Wrist Institute even offers weekend appointments to those who are not available during the week!

Office Location Serving Long Beach
Address:7230 Medical Center Drive, Suite 503
 West Hills, CA 9130
Phone:(310) 432-9363
Driving Time from Thousand Oaks:25 minutes

Who is Dr. Knight?

Dr. John Knight is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. He received his medical degree from the accredited Louisiana State University School of Medicine where he earned the Outstanding Student Award from the Louisiana Orthopedic Association. With the new requirements for board certification implemented in 2006, Dr. Knight’s board certification not only confirms his extensive experience in hand, wrist, and elbow orthopedic procedures, but also assures his continuing education to stay on the leading edge of specialized health care service. He has extensive experience with Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy and Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release, and his regular practice of the procedures ensures proper execution and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy

One of the many advanced techniques at Dr. John Knight’s disposal, Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy allows for direct visualization of the wrist and inner conditions in high definition before, during, and after surgery. With these capabilities, the proper diagnosis of your affliction is guaranteed through clear perception of the injured area from inside the body. This procedure also allows for minimal scarring due to the elimination of unnecessary maneuvers. From cartilage tears in the wrist to Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome, you can be sure that any hand or wrist surgery or treatment plan will be improved by the resources available to Dr. Knight.

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Located just off Sherman Way next to the West Hills Hospital and Medical Center, our Hand and Wrist Institute office in West Hills is at a prime location to suit your needs! We realize the options for top tier healthcare in Thousand Oaks are endless. Let us show you why we are a cut above the rest. Do your body a favor, and contact us today.

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