Hand Specialist Servicing Santa Monica Residents

Dr. John Knight is a hand specialist who serves the residents of Santa Monica and the surrounding area at his Beverly Hills offices. Anyone who’s had even a minor hand injury knows how inconvenient or even debilitating it can be, especially if the injury is to the hand they write with. Dr. Knight and his staff at the Hand and Wrist Institute understand this and their task is to help their patient regain function in their hand or wrist as quickly as possible.

What is The Hand and Wrist Institute?

The Hand and Wrist Institute is the premier medical institution that specializes in the treatment of injuries, disorders and deformities of the hand and wrist as well as the upper extremities. They use the latest technologies and focus on minimally invasive procedures to treat their patients.

Office Location Serving Santa Monica
Address:8929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 320
 Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone:(310) 432-9363
Driving Time from Santa Monica:10 minutes

What expertise and qualifications does Dr. John Knight have?

Dr. Knight is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with over 25 years experience. He’s an expert in hand and wrist disorders, with a special expertise in arthroscopic treatments of the wrist which includes endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Over the years he’s performed over 15,000 operations. He was instrumental in the passage of the Aviation Medical Assistance Act in 1998. This act mandates that defibrillators, machines that can reset heart rhythm, be placed on all airplanes. He also performed one of the first toe to thumb transplants and was one of the first American doctors to use the Free Hand System. This is computerized technology that can restore function to the hand of a quadriplegic.

What are some of the most common procedures Dr. Knight treats?

Besides groundbreaking carpal tunnel procedures, Dr. Knight treats fractures of the arm, hand, elbow and wrist. He also treats tennis elbow, which is a form of tendinitis, triceps tendinitis, trigger finger, sprains and strains, cubital tunnel syndrome, bursitis, human and animal bites, burns, cartilage tears of the wrist, injuries and infections of the nail bed and nerve injuries in the hand. He and his staff are up to date on the latest technologies in the treatment of hand and wrist maladies.

Why see Dr. Knight?

Dr. Knight is one of the nation’s top hand surgeons and as shown above has a great deal of skill and experience in treating many afflictions of the hand and wrist. The Hand and Wrist Institute, which he leads, also provides top-notch facilities and the latest technology to help their patients.

If any potential patient has a difficulty or disorder with their hand, wrist, or elbow and believe they need the best hand doctor they can find, they shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. John Knight at the Hand and Wrist Institute. They serve the people of the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area as well patients from all over the country. In Santa Monica, you are just a couple miles away from the top hand specialist in the country. Patients can also set up an appointment online or call today.

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