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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Hand and Wrist Institute! If you are searching our website, you are probably experiencing some sort of hand and/or wrist pain or disorder. You have come to the right place! The Hand and Wrist Institute is an extremely prestigious medical practice dedicated solely to the treatment and care of those suffering from hand and wrist disorders and injuries. The Hand and Wrist Institute is one of Los Angeles’s leading upper extremity care centers. Here, patients are given exceptional care for a variety of ailments, and many different services are offered here. Those who suffer from tennis elbow can seek relief here through expertly performed procedures that can help to reduce pain and pressure in the elbow. Any discomfort, disorder, or malformation of the elbow can be attended with the utmost care by the outstanding professional staff at this facility. These diverse procedures and more can be obtained at The Hand and Wrist Institute, where they will be performed by expert surgeons like Dr. John Knight.


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Elbow specialists are doctors who are experts of the intricacies of the elbow and arm. A highly qualified elbow specialist will be a board certified surgeon. Being board certified means that the surgeon in question has an adequate knowledge of their specialty and that they are competent and qualified to treat patients for the ailments relating to their specialty. It is not required of doctors and surgeons to be board certified. Those physicians who are board certified have gone the extra mile to perfect their abilities in their field. An excellent elbow specialist should also have a great deal of relevant experience, both as a student and as a surgeon.

Dr. John Knight of The Hand and Wrist Institute possesses all of these qualities and more! He is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training as well as 25 years of relevant experience. Dr. Knight is extremely qualified to treat a variety of ailments as he also possesses certification in surgery of the hand. Along with being an extremely qualified and knowledgeable surgeon, Dr. Knight is also a nationally recognized authority on medical issues relating to the upper extremities. He has been seen on Good Morning America, CNN, and The Doctors.

Dr. Knight practices here at The Hand and Wrist Institute because we have state of the art facilities for comfortable and safe surgeries and recoveries. Futuristic operating rooms provide safe and easy to manipulate environments for the comfort and concentration of the operating team. Private recovery rooms allow patients to recuperate from surgery with privacy and peace. Also, a commitment to reducing infection prompts the staff to be as safe as possible when dealing with patients, resulting in an elevated level of care.

Whether you are suffering from elbow pain from overuse or injury, or if you were born with or developed a condition that causes you elbow pain or reduced function, consider The Hand and Wrist Institute as the place to handle your procedure. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Please, feel free to call or send in any questions.

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