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The Hand and Wrist Institute at Beverly Hills

The Hand and Wrist Institute in Beverly Hills, our flagship location, offers a full service turnkey experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hand and upper extremity disorders. From the first phone call, the patient will receive a convenient appointment and frequently the same day if the problem is urgent. Dr. Knight has a presence in this location every week day and every other Saturday.

On the day of the appointment, the patient will sit in the waiting area briefly to complete paperwork and then the evaluation will commence. Frequently, the patient will be sent to our state of the art imaging suite for x-rays to be obtained. By the time the patient walks to the exam suite, the x-ray images are waiting on a touch screen monitor. Within minutes, Dr. Knight will begin his detailed exam. All of the medical records and images are kept in one of the top electronic medical records (EMR) systems. This system allows easy access to records by Dr. Knight and the Institute staff at the click of a button so all are very informed as the process unfolds. At all hours, Dr. Knight has access to the EMR system to enable the most informed and efficient care. After completion of the exam, Dr. Knight will prescribe treatment to hopefully resolve the problem promptly.

Frequently additional testing is needed. Within blocks of our facility, MRI and other advanced imaging can frequently be obtained immediately at a leading imaging center. Electrodiagnostic testing is usually performed in our facility by one of several top specialists. One of the top hand therapy centers, utilized by many hand surgeons in Southern California, is located in our center. This rehabilitation center slows patients to walk in for splints and rehabilitation the same day they are seen by Dr. Knight.

Our Approach

Dr. Knight has put together a facility in Beverly Hills that has the latest in technology from start to finish dedicated to the treatment of hand and upper extremity disorders and conditions.

While the above tools are necessary, there is much more needed for successful treatment. Dr. Knight is a world renowned minimally invasive hand and wrist surgeon. However, Dr. Knight has built his reputation first and foremost on the ability to get patients well with conservative non-surgical care. There are many fine surgeons, but what really sets the Hand and Wrist Institute and Dr. Knight apart is an amazing staff that is friendly and efficient. Across the board Dr. Knight has put together a winning team that leads to high patient satisfaction.


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