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The Hand and Wrist Institute at Argyle

At our Argyle location, The Hand and Wrist Institute continues its dedication to the complete care and comfort of our patients at each step of their medical journey. That dedication begins with the first step of the scheduling process. With a single phone call, your appointment is made, and all of the preliminary paperwork will be sent to you via e-mail, cutting down on the time spent in the waiting room and getting you in to see Dr. Knight as soon as possible upon your arrival. This streamlining of patient care is a hallmark of The Hand and Wrist Institute, because Dr. Knight and his staff know that time is important, and the faster your journey to healing begins, the better.

Before being seen by the doctor, you may be sent to obtain x-rays in our connected, state-of-the-art imaging facility. Due to its proximity and the cutting edge EMR (Electronic Medical Records) technology that links it to the office, your images will be available to Dr. Knight in the exam room as soon as you get there. Each exam room is equipped with its own high-definition monitor, where the images will be displayed digitally, allowing Dr. Knight the most detailed possible view of your bones, which will make determining a diagnosis that much easier.

What follows is a thorough but concise physical examination, with no time wasted, that will lead to the timely and appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Should any other test be required, such as MRI or CT imaging, or any electrodiagnostic tests, they will be done in separate facilities mere blocks away, or even in our facility itself.

Our Approach

As with all locations within The Hand and Wrist Institute, Dr. Knight has equipped the Argyle office with state of the art diagnostic equipment. Even so, Dr. Knight’s primary focus is always on conservative treatment, avoiding surgery if at all possible, and even then, he specializes in endoscopic surgery, which minimizes the damage to the body. In both Louisiana and California, Dr. Knight has gained renown as one of the most talented Hand and Upper Extremity Specialists in the nation, and is not proud to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth community with the same dedication and expertise.


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